Kyoto Guide | 京都ガイド

荷物預かり・配達サービス Storage/delivery service for your luggage at Kyoto station


  • キャリーサービス
  • 手ぶら観光サービス

There are some lockers to store your luggage at Kyoto station. It might be hard to find one big enough for your luggage or simply they are all taken! There are other services available to handle your luggage.

  • Carry Service
    You just need to take your luggage to the office to send it off to the registered accommodations at Kyoto station for 1,000 yen per luggage.
  • Hands-free Sightseeing Services
    You can store your luggage at Kyoto Central Post Office for 600 yen per luggage. The office is located in front of Kyoto station (central exit).


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